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HIA Learning Workshop

This is the complete set of health impact assessment (HIA) learning from practice bulletins and a workshop report describing how the workshops were run from the Health Development Agency. These bulletins provide practical recommendations for improving the application of HIA within specific topics, provide practical case study examples, and outline the importance of achieving such practice. The methodology used in this case to improve HIA practice would also be suitable for other impact assessment areas.

The bulletins are:

This series of learning from practice bulletins was developed in close conjunction with HIA practitioners, leading academics, policy makers and commissioners from throughout the country, to ensure the results are directly applicable to people involved in planning, leading or supporting HIA.

A workshop report has also been produced in electronic format only, providing a description about how the workshops were run. The learning from practice bulletins, in conjunction with the workshop report, have been designed specifically for practitioners to use as a base material in future learning from practice workshops. Now piloted, planning is underway to roll-out each of these workshops across England - providing a method for local coordinators and HIA champions to improve the practice of local practitioners on particular HIA issues. Following the workshop report, a separate report on the impact these workshops have had will be produced.

The workshop report is:

Further information about the learning from practice workshops (including a full workshop report) and electronic copies of the summary bulletins in this series can be found at Printed copies of the four learning from practice bulletins are available from our distributors: HDA, PO Box 90, Wetherby, Yorkshire LS23 7EX. Tel: +44 0870 121 4194. Fax: +44 0870 121 4195. Copies are free of charge, in limited numbers, to people within England.

We trust that you will find these bulletins useful in your HIA work, and hope that you consider spreading such promising practice amongst colleagues by running workshops on these topics. If you have any feedback on the bulletins please email

Robert Quigley and Lorraine Taylor
Senior Research Specialists
Health Development Agency
Holborn Gate, 330 High Holborn, London WC1V 7BA UNITED KINGDOM
Phone +44 020 7061 3176
Fax +44 020 7061 3393

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