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A2n Legal and policy frameworks for SEA in Asia

Kiichihiro Hayashi, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Japan
Young-il Song, Korea Environmental Institute, Korea
Elvis Au, Environmental Protection Department, SAR Hong Kong

Key issues to be addressed

Position Paper:

Several Asian countries have already introduced national level of SEA systems, for example, in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. More and more Asian countries have been introducing and revising their SEA systems. However, collaboration on implementation and establishment of SEA systems is weak in Asian regions.

To establish better SEA systems in each country, information exchange, human exchange, sharing experiences and discussion of lessons learned on good SEA within Asian countries must be contributed to the development of good national SEA system. Participants in the IAIA SEA Conference will have the opportunity to exchange information and discuss good SEA.

The following key issues are raised for the IAIA SEA conference in Prague as discussion topics. Anyone who has an interest can submit a short abstract addressing at least one topic among the following.

•  What are the characteristics of national and local SEA systems in each country in Asia?

•  What are the similarities and differences of Asian national and local SEA systems?

•  What is the lesson learned from an Asian country’s experiences?

•  Is there a need or possibility to strengthen any weak standardization or framework in Asian national SEA systems? If so, what can we do or what do we have to do? If not, what is the future of collaboration for those of us in Asian regions?

Discussion streams and topic-related sessions

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