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"It is not enough just to assess an installation’s impact on the environment; one must also assess the impact of a changing environment on the installation. Then, as much as possible, the impact of that change must be integrated into planning and countered."– Cleo Paskal, Columnist
and Adjunct Professor, Global Change, SCMS, Kochi, India

Climate Change and Impact Assessment

IAIA Special Symposium

Aalborg, Denmark25-26 October 2010
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Aalborg Symposium Proceedings

Climate Change & Development CO-operation

Theme Leaders Mat Cashmore - University of East Anglia - Rob Verheem - Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment -


Health Impact Assessment

Theme Leaders Søren Løkke, Associate Professor, Aalborg University -


Scenario Development

Theme Leaders Elizabeth Wilson - Oxford Brookes University -


Landscapes and Ecosystem Services

Theme Leaders Andrea Athanas - International Union for Conservation of Nature - Katharina Helming, Aranka Podhora, Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Germany


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