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B8n Application of SEA to Policy or Institutional Reforms

Jean-Roger Mercier, World Bank, Washington, DC

Key issues to be addressed

Position Paper:

Around the world, the application of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been shown to be helpful when applied to specific plans and programs. The experience with SEA of broader policy reform is more limited. This session at Prague 2005 will focus on the theory and practice of applying SEA to policy and institutional reforms. Contributions are expected from developed and middle income as well as developing countries. Contributions may cover plans, programs and policies (PPPs) externally funded as well as home grown. The session in Prague, because of its inherent limitations, should focus on a few key issues:


•  Methodological advances in SEAs of policy/institutional reforms

•  Case studies illustrating successes and difficulties of developing SEAs of policy/institutional reforms

•  Comparison of requirements and/or guidance for the preparation (and implementation/monitoring) of SEAs of policy/institutional reforms


•  How to measure success and progress in the development of SEAs of policy/institutional reforms

•  How to share information and knowledge in real time about good (and less good) practices in SEAs of policy/institutional reforms

Simple terms of reference have been prepared for contributing papers. These ToRs can be found in the position paper on this topic.

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