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A8n SEA in Development Cooperation

Jon Hobbs, OECD-DAC Task Team on SEA, UK

Key issues to be addressed

Position Paper:

The demand for SEA in development cooperation has risen rapidly up the agenda of development agencies, multi- and bilateral, over the past decade. In part, this has been because the way in which overseas assistance is provided has been changing.

The trend is for development agencies to move away from projects to more upstream, strategic, “macro” interventions that support commitments shared by development agencies and their developing country partners, such as the Millennium Development Goals and poverty reduction in particular.

To address this demand, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee’s Environet Group has established a Task Team to develop practical guidance on the application of SEA in development cooperation.

The work of this Task Team and its partners will be reviewed and its progress will be reported. This has focused on collecting the practical experiences of SEA application to date, the need for successful practical implementation guidance based on these experiences, the need for more successful advocacy to key decision makers, greater harmonisation in approaches by donors and relevant capacity building for developing countries to develop their own processes.

The current status and future prospects of SEA in development cooperation will be reviewed through presentations by Task Team members and others engaged in this process. Case studies will illustrate the diversity of applications of SEA in development cooperation. The importance of developing links with other policy development and appraisal tools will be given particular consideration.

Discussion streams and topic-related sessions

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