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International Year of Biodiversity Competition

IAIA is pleased to announce the winners of our "Inspired by Nature" competition, which was held in honor of the International Year of Biodiversity (2010).

Written Category

Anne Edwards (USA)Growth is Simultaneous to Decay (short story)Winner Elnaz Sadooghi (Iran)A poem for my two little friends! (poetry)Runner-Up

Photography Category

Stuart Beesley (UK)Man and His MountainWinner Bezhad Raissiyan (Iran)"Safeguard Coastal Diversity, Sustain Life on the Planet"Runner-Up

Artwork Category

Kelly Adams (USA)"Ripple Effect" (drawing)Winner Liliana Mercenario Pomeroy (Mexico)"My Ark, My Neighborhood, My Family" (drawing)Runner-Up

The "Inspired by Nature" competition was organized by IAIA's Biodiversity & Ecology Section to celebrate the diversity, value and beauty of life on earth, and natural systems that provide goods and services for our health and wellbeing (including use, non-use or cultural values, spiritual values, or simply celebrating the joy that their existence brings us).

This competition was open and submissions were invited from any individual or organization. The goal was to inspire interesting, unique and exciting perspectives, insights, epiphanies and experiences involving nature and/or "nature as muse or inspiration" in the form of written submissions comprising short stories or poems; photographs of species, landscapes, any form of biodiversity on its own or in relation to human wellbeing; or images of 2- or 3-dimensional art works in any media such as logos, material or jewelry designs, prints, or paintings.

Entries were judged by a panel consisting primarily of IAIA's Biodiversity and Ecology Section chairs and members, and with 60 submissions, decisions were diffi cult. Winners receive one year of free IAIA membership plus hard copy subscription to IAPA for that year. Runners-up receive one year of free IAIA membership. IAIA may also highlight these and additional entries in other media in the coming months.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted entries!

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