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C3n SEA and environmental planning and management

William Sheate, Imperial College London, UK

Key issues to be addressed

As the concepts associated with sustainable development evolve, and new and modified decision aiding tools are developed, so links between environmental (and other impact) assessment and management tools become all the more essential. As SEA is implemented so opportunities for linkages between SEA and other tools—and across different disciplines—at more strategic levels present themselves. Examples of possible linkages include between SEA and EMS, SEA and CBA, LCA and SEA, SEA and Sustainability Appraisal.

The purpose of this theme, therefore, is to explore the evolving linkages and relationships between these tools and to exchange experience of real examples where SEA and environmental planning and management tools have been or could be used together effectively. Key questions will focus on theoretical and practical issues, including:

•  What are the benefits of making linkages between tools?

•  Do we need new tools or can we make existing tools work better together?

•  How do SEA and other tools working together fit with decision-making processes?

This topic will build on previous IAIA workshops held at Glasgow (1999), The Hague (2002) and Marrakech (2003).

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