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Foundation Course in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


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Foundation Course in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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This course covers the basic principles and objectives of EIA, its core concepts and methods, and the fundamentals of EIA review processes and study management. It is comprised of 16 topics in 5 units, each unit completing with a conference with the trainer. Each topic is comprised of a reading, a quiz, and an assignment. Some topics contain videos of experts who discuss applying the material. Application deadline August 20, 2018.

Course Duration:

This course is open within a 12-week period and should take 20 to 30 hours to complete, including interactions with a trainer. The next course will start on September 17, 2018.

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Course Requirements:

Participants in IAIA’s Foundation Course in EIA are expected to have:

  1. The educational background for an “IA Professional” or “IA Administrator” as described in the IAIA Guideline Standards for IA Professionals, typically at least a bachelor’s degree in an EIA-related field such as environmental studies, geography, ecology, biology, sociology, public health, social anthropology, planning, engineering, or landscape architecture; and
  2. At least one year of relevant experience undertaking and reporting on EIA studies, and/or in the administration of an EIA process.

Completion of the Foundation Course is a prerequisite for taking any of the future Core or Focus Courses.


Foundation Course in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Application Form

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Completion of the Foundation Course is a prerequisite for taking any of the future Core or Focus Courses.

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