The Role of Impact Assessment in

Transitioning to the Green Economy

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Reviewed Papers

State of the art of sustainable assessment

Asian SEA, EIA and sustainable asssessment

Offsetting biodiversity impacts: Stopping the loss

Environmental assessments in shock-prone countries

SEA capacity development: Are we on or off track

SEA and sustainable water management

Methodological Prospects for IA processes in developing countries

Tools for public participation in IA

Participation, contention and the politics of IA

Biodiversity in impact assessment and decision making

Is EA achieving its original objectives

Socio-ecological systems' transitions governance

Linking research, capacity development and practice

Public Participation in Assessing Infrastructure Projects

The role of partnerships in promoting innovation

Potential benefits of the shift to sustainable agriculture: finance and governance

Impact assessment teaching and education

Partnerships and impact assessment: How to advance

HIA: lessons learned and integration

SIA and Regional Development

Tools and Methods

Discussion Papers


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