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Potential Roommates

At the request of a number of IAIA members, IAIA offers this “Find a Roommate” network for conference delegates who are interested in sharing a hotel room with another delegate to help reduce expenses. We hope you find it helpful.

Important Notes: This page is provided as a service to IAIA delegates. IAIA does not handle accommodations. Please see the hotel information page for information on conference hotels. Hotel reservations are the responsibility of the individual delegate(s). Please make reservations only after you and your potential roommate(s) have mutually agreed on all details.

You are welcome to contact IAIA HQ to confirm whether your potential roommate is an IAIA member and/or is known to IAIA staff. However, users make roommate arrangements at their own risk. IAIA assumes no responsibility for individuals choosing to use the Find A Roommate network.

Log in if you would like to use the Find a Roommate service.
Note: You will be redirected to the IAIA Members site. Use your membership account information to log in.

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