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  • IAIA representation at the Convention on EIA in a Transboundary Context and Protocol on SEA


    IAIA is an invited observer to the meetings of the Working Group on EIA and SEA. A recent meeting took place in Geneva between 11 and 15 April 2016. These meeting agendas normally include 4 parts: (1) Review of status of the Convention and Protocol; (2) Exchange of good practices (including seminars and workshops on particular themes foreseen in the 3-4 years workplan); (3) Budget; and (4) Preparation of next sessions. A one-day workshop on land-use planning, the siting of hazardous activities, and related safety aspects was held as part of the good practice recommendations on the application of the Convention to nuclear energy-related activities. Several guidances are also being developed.

    Documents, presentations, and decisions, as well as a promotional video on SEA, can be accessed at the Convention and Protocol Working Group meeting website

    Since 2010 the development of the IAIA FasTips is a permanent activity included in the UNECE Espoo Convention and Kiev Protocol workplan. IAIA is asked to report on its status in every Working Group meeting. IAIA has also been involved in seminar activities. It is foreseen that IAIA will increase its collaboration in two major activities: the development of a strategy on the Global Application of the Convention and the Protocol with a focus on non-ECE countries and IFIs and as a strategy to the contribution of the Convention and the Protocol to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). IAIA identified potential forms of collaboration, including: a) membership pool of experts engaged in different parts of the world; b) communication for awareness raising (newsletter, the IAIA website, and our network); c) build knowledge through training courses and the preparation of specific FasTips; d) dedicated sessions at the annual conference, or even dedicated regional conferences; e) development of capacity-building programmes and guidance; f) through direct consultancy by expert members.

    Submitted by Maria Partidario, IAIA Representative at the UNECE

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