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  • Select articles on conference themes available for free through 30 June

    IAPA and IAIA16

    In support of IAIA16, IAPA publisher Taylor and Francis is offering free access through the end of June to a selection of key articles on the conference themes of resilience and sustainability:

    Resilience thinking improves SEA: A discussion paper, Vol. 29(4)

    Emphasising enhancement in all forms of impact assessment, Vol. 29(3)

    Illustrating integrated sustainability and resilience based assessments: a small-scale biodiesel project in Barbados, Vol. 28(3) 

    Using mental well-being impact assessment to understand factors influencing well-being after a disaster, Vol. 33(3)

    Conceptual frameworks for SIA revisited: A cumulative effects study on lead contamination and economic change, Vol 24(2)

    Sustainability thinking in environmental assessment, Vol. 30(4)


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