International Association for Impact Assessment

MSc/Diploma in Environmental Assessment and Management

Trainer: Elizabeth Wilson


This 1-year full-time or 2-year part-time course is taught jointly by Oxford Brookes University's Schools of Built Environment and Biological and Molecular Sciences. It trains participants to coordinate an EIA; review and critically analyse environmental impact statements; understand details of the principles, procedures and methods of environmental assessment and management; and investigate aspects of environmental assessment and management in depth. Some of the teaching methods used are seminars and laboratory work. Prerequisites for this course are previous professional work experience and/or an undergraduate degree. The course is of particular relevance to graduate students, practising planners, businesses such as construction firms and environmental consultants, and conservation organizations. The cost is approximately ($US) $8250 for participants from the EU, and ($US) $14110 non-EU participants. The Diploma takes 9 months full-time or 18 months part-time to complete. Both begin in late September.

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