International Association for Impact Assessment


  • UNEP Training Manual

    The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has prepared a Training Resource Manual for Environmental Impact Assessment. The Manual is intended for use and adaptation by persons who are engaged in EIA training. IAIA cooperated in the development of this manual, and with the support of UNEP, is now able to make the manual available on the IAIA website.

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Manual

    IAIA is pleased to make available, at no cost, the course manual on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), prepared by Maria Rosário Partidário. Dr. Partidário's course on SEA has been one of the best-attended training sessions at IAIA's annual meetings for many years, and gets high ratings from attendees for its presentation of SEA current practices, future demands and capacity building needs.

  • EIA Training Resource Manual for South Eastern Europe

    This adaptation of the 2002 UNEP Manual was prepared by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), which is headquartered in Hungary and which operates a network of 17 country and field offices in all countries of the region. The manual, funded by the European Union, is intended for specific application in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, and Serbia and Montenegro including Kosovo). It offers an overview of EIA development in South Eastern Europe, provides a set of training materials for specific countries, and includes a wide collection of relevant documents that can be used in EIA reforms in the region. The manual has been translated and pilot tested in 5 countries.

  • Resource Manual to Support Application of the UNECE Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment

    This manual, produced by UNECE and the REC, is freely available at the link below. The manual highlights the main requirements of the Protocol on SEA, outlines the key issues for applying the Protocol in practice and provides materials for training and capacity-development programmes supporting application of the Protocol (including a printable manual in English and Russian, slide sets, and links to case studies, other guidance materials and numerous other resources). The manual is expected to be used by: (a) those who want to learn about the Protocol and the theory of its application, including government and other officials working on the application of the Protocol, practitioners carrying out SEAs and stakeholders wishing to participate in the SEA process; and (b) those who want to advise and train others on the Protocol's requirements and the application of SEA. The elements of the manual that focus on the application of SEA in practice may also be of use to those applying the European Union's SEA Directive.


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