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Negotiating Sustainable Land Acquisition and Resettlement Agreements

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Presented by: Mr. Eddie Smyth (Ireland) & Mr. Jeroen De Zeeuw (Netherlands)

Course Tuition:  $475USD for IAIA Members / $575 for Non-IAIA Members  (No bursaries available for Online Training Courses.)

Course Level:  Intermediate        
Language of Delivery: Engish        
Prerequisites:  A first degree in a related discipline (social science, law architecture, engineering, mining, etc.) and some experience of project planning, review and implementation.
Homework Between Sessions: Course reading materials will be provided   


International standards on land acquisition and resettlement require improvement of living conditions, living standards as well as livelihood restoration, preferably through "negotiated settlements" with affected people.  Yet, despite good (and not so good) efforts, in practice many projects are unable to achieve these objectives and, as a result, are contributing to impoverishment, human rights impacts, and conflict.

Based on our experience with resettlement projects around the world, the usual method of stakeholder engagement does not empower communities to play an active role in the design of compensation and assistance measures, while the improvement of living standards is treated as primarily a technical exercise. We believe that more sustainable resettlement outcomes are possible by focusing on agreement-making with affected people and putting human well-being at the heart of resettlement and livelihoods programming.

Intersocial has co-designed / implemented negotiations processes on complex mining, wind, oil and gas, and hydropower projects to achieve lasting agreements with directly affected and neighboring communities. This course will train participants to adopt a truly holistic approach to negotiating land acquisition and resettlement agreements and is based on Intersocial's Sustainable Well-Being Framework.  (see image above)

The course will use a master-class approach, where participants are challenged to develop solutions to complex resettlement solutions based on real-life case studies.


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