International Association for Impact Assessment

A rapid tour of emerging technologies and IA

  • Presenter(s): Marla Orenstein

    Recorded: 18 SEP 2018

    Emerging technologies are dramatically changing the ways that many professions approach their work, from law to medicine, from architecture to astronomy. How will impact assessment (IA) be affected? What should we know now, and what should we be thinking about in the future? 

    This webinar reviews a number of emerging technologies and how they may influence the way impact assessment is practiced in the future. The webinar covers three main areas: 

    1. What emerging technologies may play an increasingly large role in impact assessment? The presentation focuses on four technologies: 
    o Data visualization 
    o Remote sensing /drone technology 
    o Blockchain 
    o Artificial intelligence /machine learning 

    2. What is the best use of artificial intelligence (AI) within impact assessment right now? 
    o How can AI be applied to specific parts of the IA process such as scoping, baseline data collection and analysis? 

    3. What are the logistic, social and ethical implications of using emerging technologies within IA? 
    o How does AI incorporate human values? 
    o How will these technologies affect employment in the IA field? 
    o Who will benefit from their use – communities, regulators, proponents or consulting companies? 

    This webinar will be of value to anyone who practices, regulates, commissions or reviews impact assessments and who is interested in exploring how IA may evolve in the future. 

    Marla Orenstein is past President of IAIA and a current member of the Board of Directors. She is also Director of the Natural Resource Policy Centre at the Canada West Foundation, an independent public policy think-tank. 

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