International Association for Impact Assessment

Assessment Protocols prepared in terms of Sections 24(5)(a) and (h) of NEMA (South Africa)

  • Presenter(s): Dee Fischer

    Recorded: 06 JUN 2019

    This webinar is aimed at South African environmental practitioners who will be required to prepare reports in relation to the assessment protocols. This presentation goes through the objectives of the protocols as well as the various sections. The environmental practitioner will get an understanding of what will be required from the assessment protocols. 

    The webinar includes a short presentation followed by questions and answers. (For a demonstration of South Africa's environmental screening tool, please see this IAIA webinar:

    Presenter: Ms. Dee Fischer is Chief Director of Integrated Environmental Support at South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs. The Chief Directorate is responsible for streamlining the environmental management function within the department. 

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