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Disaster, Conflict, and Impact Assessment: Making this better rather than worse

  • Presenter(s): Charles Kelly

    Recorded: 19 DEC 2019

    As highlighted by Hurricane Dorian and the conflict in Syria, disasters and conflict can have significant negative impacts on the environment and the people living in those environments.  Depending on how impacts are assessed in advance, relief and recovery assistance can also have positive or negative impacts on the environment, promoting or retarding disaster or conflict recovery. This free, 1-hour webinar reviews the challenges to the environment posed by disasters and conflict, why it is important to address these impacts and the possible impacts of relief and recovery, and summarizes approaches and tools to integrate environmental impact assessment into managing conflict and disasters.  

    This webinar is for the general impact assessment professional and provides an introduction on how disasters, conflict, and impact assessment are linked and why considering disasters and conflict is critical to assessing impact. Participants will learn (1) how disasters and conflict affect and define impacts and (2) ways to consider disasters and conflict in impact assessment, with examples from the environmental sector. 

    Charles Kelly is a freelance disaster risk management consultant and co-chair of IAIA's Disasters/Conflict Section.  Charles has over 40 years of experience in disaster risk management and over 20 years of experience in integrating environmental impact assessment to conflict and disasters. 

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