International Association for Impact Assessment

Understanding Impact Assessment

  • Presenter(s): Richard Morgan

    Recorded: 27 MAY 2020

    This free presentation was intended for people relatively new to impact assessment who want to understand the nature and purpose of the process as a decision-support tool. The talk briefly examined the role of impact assessment in project design and licensing, but also at higher levels of decision-making. An overview of the principles that underpin good practice was provided, and the main types of impact assessment were briefly outlined. The presenter, Richard Morgan, has been involved in research on impact assessment theory and practice for over 40 years and has published on many aspects of impact assessment. He has taught graduate courses on impact assessment for many years, and is a current trainer on the online IAIA PDP Foundations of Impact Assessment program. Richard is a former president of IAIA, and is the current chair of the New Zealand affiliate.

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