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June 2016 enews

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    June 2016 enews

    IAIA June 2016 enews

    Table of Contents:

    1.  IAIA16 proceedings
    2.  Water Symposium updates
    3.  IAIA17 updates
    4.  IAIA and IUCN
    5.  2015 Annual Report available
    6.  Guest Post:  IAIA-iSamurais
    7.  EIA satisfaction survey
    8.  Inquiry on ESIA vs EIA
    9.  Upcoming events and training courses​

    1. IAIA16 proceedings

    IAIA16 welcomed nearly 750 delegates from 74 countries last month in Nagoya, Japan.  Presenters are being contacted separately with instructions for uploading their presentations to the online proceedings. In the coming days, these presentations will be posted online along with photos, the #iaia16 Twitter stream, and more.

    In support of IAIA16, IAPA publisher Taylor and Francis is offering free access through the end of June to select key articles on the conference themes of resilience and sustainability. See the IAIA News post for links to each article. (IAIA members always have online access to all IAPA articles! Login as a member to read the quarterly issues online and/or download the PDF articles.)

    2.  Water Symposium updates

    The IAIA Special Symposium on Water and Impact Assessment will be held 31 August-2 September 2016 in Lincoln, United Kingdom.  For more information, visit the symposium website.  #iaiawater 

    Abstract submission deadline extended: The submission deadline for symposium abstracts has been extended to 24 June. Please review the guidelines and policies and then submit your paper or poster abstract.

    Sponsorship opportunities: IAIA is currently seeking sponsors for the Water Symposium. Download the Sponsorship Opportunities brochure to find out the various ways your company can reach out to environmental professionals in the UK and beyond.

    3. IAIA17 updates

    IAIA17, “Impact Assessment’s Contribution to the Global Efforts in Addressing Climate Change,” will be held 3-6 April 2017 in Montréal, Canada.  For more information, visit the conference website. #iaia17

    Session proposals due 30 June: IAIA17 session proposals are being accepted through 30 June 2016.  Please review the session proposal guidelines and policies and then submit your proposal.  Submissions will be closing on 30 June at 23:59 (11:59pm) US Central Standard Time.

    Call for training course proposals:  IAIA invites proposals for IAIA17 pre-conference training courses to be offered 1-2 April 2017. Courses may be taught in English or French, but all proposals must be in English. Proposals are due 8 July. Please review the call for proposals for more information, topic suggestions, and the application format.

    4. IAIA and IUCN

    IAIA is pleased to announce that we are now a Member of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)! IUCN is a membership union uniquely composed of both government and civil society organizations. It provides public, private, and non-governmental organizations with the knowledge and tools that enable human progress, economic development, and nature conservation to take place together.

    For the first time ever, IAIA will participate in the IUCN World Conservation Congress this September, hosting a session under the leadership of IAIA’s Biodiversity Section.  Check out the IAIA News post for full details. 

    5. 2015 Annual Report available

    Please read IAIA’s 2015 annual report, “Building Value,” to see what we accomplished over the year. The report is available for download online

    6. Guest post: IAIA-iSamurais

    Check out the latest IAIA News guest post by Ana Maria Esteves, Board President, who writes about “IAIA-iSamurais” and her idea for a brokering service matching IA specialists with community groups. 

    Do you have thoughts after reading this post?  IAIA members, login to join the discussion at IAIAConnect in the Members group. Not yet a member?  Join IAIA now to take part in these discussions (and more!).

    7. EIA satisfaction survey

    Jie Ma, a Dalhousie University student working with past IAIA award winner Peter Duinker, is undertaking a survey-based study of people’s satisfaction with the quality of scientific work done in the EIA process and the factors contributing to the level of satisfaction.

    Both EIA practitioners and scholars are welcome to participate in the survey. This survey consists of 16 questions, and responses will be anonymous. If you are interested in participating, please visit  (Submitted by Jie Ma, Jie.Ma@Dal.Ca

    8. Inquiry on ESIA vs EIA

    Karolina Wallin Fernqvist with the Sida Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change in Sweden is interested in the insights of IAIA members on the following issue. They are currently experiencing a changing focus among various institutions to conduct ESIA instead of EIA. However, both kinds of assessments usually involve or address to some extent possible impacts also in the socio-economic sphere, and there is no clear differentiation between the two. She wonders how much more emphasis is it on social aspects in an ESIA compared to an EIA -- is there a technical difference or is it mainly in the name, and what implications might this have for the competence required to carry out the IA?  For example, would you need an anthropologist or a social scientist if you attempt an ESIA and are there any regulations for this that you know of? 

    If you have insights to share, please contact Karolina directly.

    9. Upcoming events and training courses

    The Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Global Practice Group of World Bank Group will be holding its 7th Latin American Course on Involuntary Resettlement (CLAR) from 20-30 June 2016 in Bogota, Colombia. The course will be taught in Spanish. Although registration is available through 17 June, it is highly competitive, so they recommend registering as soon as possible. See their CLAR posting for more information. (Submitted by Carlos Pérez-Brito,

    IAIAsa, IAIA’s affiliate in South Africa, will be holding its 21st annual conference from 17-19 August 2016 in Port Elizabeth.  The theme of this 2016 conference is “Environmental Change and Challenges: Resilience, Adaptation and Sustainability.”

    The 5th China-Japan-Korea tripartite EIA Conference will be held 17-20 August 2016 in Yanbian, China. Participants will discuss “Trans-boundary Development and Impact Assessment.” Abstracts are invited through 10 June, and the final registration deadline is 17 June. For more information, please contact your country correspondent: Zhu, Weihong (Yanbian University, China); Shinsuke Otaguro (JSIA, Japan); or Sookjin Jeon (KSEIA, Korea).

    Tom Russo, a hydropower expert and IAIA member, will be teaching two classes on hydropower in Seattle, WA, USA, on 22-23 August 2016. For more information see Hydropower 101 and FERC Hydropower.  (Submitted by Tom Russo,

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