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Join tomorrow's live panel session: "The Road to a Cleaner, Greener COVID-19 Recovery"

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    Join tomorrow's live panel session: "The Road to a Cleaner, Greener COVID-19 Recovery"

    Join tomorrow's live panel session: "The Road to a Cleaner, Greener COVID-19 Recovery"
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    Tune in Thursday, 18 November, at 15:00 GMT for the final (live!) session of the virtual forum "Think Big: A Cleaner, Greener COVID-19 Recovery,” hosted jointly by IAIA and the Earth Law Center.
    Moderator Peter Henderson of Reuters News will lead a live panel featuring several Think Big speakers. Listen as they bring together various aspects of their presentations to focus on the road ahead and answer questions posed by participants throughout the forum. Join the session live to submit your question for the panel to discuss.
    Not yet registered? There is still time to join (and it is free!). You will receive the link to access tomorrow's live panel plus recordings of the previous five sessions in the series.

    Publication and webinar: The State of Digital IA Practice
    IAIA and FothergillTC have launched a new publication, “The State of Digital IA Practice.” Register now for Josh Fothergill’s free webinar presentation on 8 December highlighting the pace, scope, and scale of the digital transformation of IA approaches using some of the report’s 20+ case studies.

    Energy stipend applications due 24 November
    In partnership with the Norwegian Environmental Agency and Norad's Oil for Development and Energy Programmes, a select number of applicants will receive a stipend to attend the upcoming IAIA22 conference. Full details and application instructions are posted here. Apply by 24 November.

    IAIA22 registration is open
    IAIA22, “Confidence in Impact Assessment: Policies, partnerships and public involvement,” will take place 4-7 May 2022 in Vancouver, Canada, with a complementary virtual component. View the 500+ proposed presentations here. Register early to take advantage of Early Bird rates!

    IAIA22 sponsorship
    Interested in increasing your company’s profile at IAIA22? Consider becoming a conference sponsor. Check out the updated sponsorship opportunities brochure to learn about the various opportunities available for both the in-person event and the virtual component. Thank you to these IAIA22 supporters: WSP Canada, Canadian Standards Association, Chiba University of Commerce, and Norad.

    IAIA, T&F discontinue use of plastics in journal
    IAIA, together with Taylor & Francis, the publisher of IAIA’s journal, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, is pleased to announce the discontinuation of plastics in the laminated covers and biodegradable polywrap used to distribute print copies. This step is in line with T&F’s ongoing efforts to reduce their environmental impact across the publishing business.

    IAIA staff working remotely
    IAIA staff continue to work remotely to provide uninterrupted member service to the greatest extent possible. Please email if you need to reach us, as we are not in the office to take phone calls.

    COP26 Analysis: Was Glasgow pact a win for climate? Time will tell

    Its ultimate success will be determined by the future actions of the governments that thrashed it out, according to the summit’s UK hosts, participants, and observers. But the agreement was packed with compromises, leaving all sides dissatisfied.

    These award-winning photos capture our planet in peril
    The Environmental Photographer of The Year Awards showcases heartbreaking photos to highlight the human consequences of rising sea levels, global warming and climate change. From more than 7,000 entries across 119 countries, a haunting image captured by Spanish photographer Antonio Aragón Renuncio came up tops as the winner. The heartbreaking photo titled “Rising Tides” shows a child sleeping inside a house about to collapse, destroyed by coastal erosion on Afidegnigba beach in western Ghana.

    Researchers puncture explanation for largest increase of biodiversity in Earth's history
    The greatest increase in marine biodiversity on Earth was not due to the explosion of an asteroid, as previously believed. In fact, the explosion caused the development of new animal species to stagnate for a period of time. Instead, the answer as to why marine biodiversity increased suddenly is due to a change in the Earth's climate cycle, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Copenhagen and Museum Mors.

    Green transition creates new risks and rewards
    Different countries face different risks and opportunities as the world switches from fossil fuels to renewable energy, researchers say. Green policies have traditionally been seen as costly to countries who implement them, while other nations can do nothing and "free-ride" – leading to global inaction on the climate crisis. However, the research team – led by the universities of Exeter, Cambridge, the Open University and Cambridge Econometrics – say this is a "poor description" of today's reality.

    Five ecosystems where nature-based solutions can deliver huge benefits
    Land and oceans are natural “carbon sinks,” absorbing more than half of all greenhouse gas emissions, sparing the world from even more rapid warming. But the loss of nature and conversion of land for agriculture and other activities caused nearly a quarter of emissions in the decade through 2016. Rising temperatures also risk turning carbon sinks into carbon sources. Here are five key ecosystems where nature-based solutions can deliver.

    More Spanish IAIA FasTips added to series
    Three additional translations of FasTips in Spanish are now available: No. 18, “Scoping”; No. 19, “Impact Assessment and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”; and No. 20, “What Should an EIA Contain?” Thank you to COMIMPACT for volunteering the time and expertise to make these translations possible.

    Think Big: A Cleaner, Greener COVID-19 Recovery. Final live session on 18 November. Online.

    ICISS 2022: 5th International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems. 17-18 February 2022. Tirunelveli, India.

    IAIA22: Confidence in Impact Assessment: Policies, partnerships and public involvement. 4-7 May 2022. Vancouver, Canada, and online.

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