International Association for Impact Assessment


IAPA Journal


IAPA: IAIA's quarterly journal, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, contains a variety of peer-reviewed research articles, professional practice ideas, and book reviews of recently published titles.

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FasTIPS: The FasTips series offers practical clarification on frequently asked questions. FasTips provide quick advice when there is no time for investigating or reviewing formal guidances.

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Best Practice

Best Practices

Best Practice: The International Best Practice Principles series covers a variety of impact assessment topical areas, sharing best practices for practitioners.

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Key Citations

Key Citations

Key Citations: The Key Citations series serves as a source of information about the different subfields of impact assessment, each listing a selection of readily-available publications.

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Reference & Guidance Documents

REFERENCE & GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS: Download a variety of resources, including "What is Impact Assessment?" and a full-length Social Impact Assessment Guidance Publication.

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Click here to download the IAIA Publication Policies and Procedures document, which describes the processes and standards used for developing, reviewing, and publishing documents under the IAIA banner.

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