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Innovation Grants

Innovations Grants


IAIA is pleased to announce the launch of its next round of Innovation Grants. Applications will be accepted through 10 November 2023 from any current IAIA member, Section, Branch, or Affiliate. A small number of grants will be given ranging from USD $2,000 to $5,000. 

The purpose of the Innovation Grants is to encourage innovative, short-term projects (12 months or less) to advance the mission and vision of IAIA.
2023 Grant Guidelines and Application

In 2022, IAIA awarded two Innovation Grants to IAIA members. A grant of US$5,000 was awarded to Veronica Giberti (Argentina) to establish selection criteria for measures based on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for projects associated with green spaces subject to environmental impact assessment. This grant will ultimately result in a set of IAIA Best Practice Principles in both Spanish and English. A grant of US$5,000 was awarded to Huyam Ahmed Abdalla Ahmed (Sudan) to review and evaluate EIA practice guidelines in Sudan and develop a proposal to the government to improve EIA practice and strategic guidance, including the integration of climate change, in that country.

Check out these projects that have received past Innovation Grant funding:

  • Research and development of a report and webinar on the state of digital IA practice.
  • Report and case studies from Italy and the Philippines on how COVID-19 has affected public consultation practices in ESIA
  • Participatory development of a basic EIA Guide in English and isiZulu (currently being finalized) that can be used by communities to help them understand EIAs, and therefore, participate more effectively in these processes.
  • Research and development resulting in the current publication "Best Practice Principles for Teaching Impact Assessment" and an upcoming literature review on innovations in cumulative effects assessment.
  • Research and development for a new reference document, "Human Health: Ensuring a High Level of Protection," with principles to be considered when examining population and human health in EIA, per the European Union EIA Directive.
  • Research and development of a primerFasTips, and webinar on impact assessment and the circular economy.
  • Development and launch of the event "National Environmental and Social Forum for Sierra Leone," bringing together environmental and social scientists to discuss national environmental issues using the framework of IAIA's mission and values.
  • Aashukan "The 2017 Indigenous Exchange", a gathering of indigenous participants prior to IAIA17 in Qu├ębec.
  • Development of a "Compendium of National EIA Professional Recognition Schemes," a snapshot of the current state of professional recognition and accreditation schemes for individuals undertaking EIA around the world. 






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