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2017 Award Winners

  • Announcing a few of this year's award winners; stay tuned for more!

    2017 Award Winners

    IAIA is pleased to announce these 2017 award winners! Photos and descriptions will be posted on the IAIA Awards page in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out a few of this year’s award winners below.  They will be formally recognized at IAIA17 in Montreal, Canada.  


    The World Bank was chosen to receive the IAIA Global Award for its new Environmental and Social Framework, which expands protections for people and the environment in Bank-financed investment projects.  

    The IAIA Global Award is presented annually to a leading individual or institution that has made a substantial contribution to the practice of impact assessment, management or policy at a global scale.   


    William (Bill) Kennedy receives the Lifetime Achievement Award for his sustained and significant contribution to environmental impact assessment practice worldwide and his long-term dedication to IAIA.

    The IAIA Lifetime Achievement Award, previously known as the Rose Hulman Award, is awarded to long-term supporters and members of IAIA for major contributions to the field of impact assessment.  


    The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment was chosen to receive the Institutional Award because of its role in driving the development of proper impact assessment practice in The Netherlands and worldwide, which has greatly improved both IA practice in general as well as specific EIAs.

    The IAIA Institutional Award is presented to a national or international government or non-governmental organization for outstanding contribution to impact assessment practice or other environment-related activity deserving of recognition.


    Francesca Viliani was selected for the Individual Award for her ongoing and sustained contributions to the field of health impact assessment, which has advanced the understanding of public health across sectors by addressing the root causes of adverse health impacts, inequality, and inequity throughout the project development cycle.

    The IAIA Individual Award acknowledges personal contribution to the discipline of impact assessment.  It recognizes major achievement and advancement in theory and/or practice over a period of time at an international level. 


    Michel Gariépy was selected as recipient of the Regional Award for his substantial contributions to environmental impact assessment in Québec and the francophone world.

    The IAIA Regional Award is awarded to an individual or organization that has made a substantial contribution to the field of impact assessment and/or has taken a leadership role in promoting best practice in impact assessment within the general world region of the location of the conference for that year.


    Cole Atlin was selected as the recipient of this year’s Rita R. Hamm IA Excellence Scholarship. Cole is a PhD student in the School of Environment, Resources, and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo, Canada.


    Stay tuned to find out who will receive the Outstanding Service to IAIA Award and the 2016 IAPA Best Paper Award!


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