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Interested in serving on the IAIA Board?

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    Interested in serving on the IAIA Board?

    PDF Download: Self Nomination Instructions (Fillable).pdf

    Are you interested in serving on the IAIA Board? IAIA members are encouraged to self-nominate for the positions of President and two Directors for the 2018 election, to be held in January 2018 for the three-year term of May 2018 through May 2021. 

    To self-nominate, an interested member should gather at least five signatures of support from other current IAIA members. Please see the Self-Nomination Instructions [PDF] document for full details. These signatures should be submitted along with the other required details no later than 15 November 2017.  Self-nominations received after that date will not be accepted.

    To ensure that the Board maintains a balance of regional, racial, ethnic, gender, experience, and professional expertise, the IAIA Board Nominations Committee will also actively seek out nominees from the membership.  All candidates for the President position, including both self-nominated and Committee-nominated, will be listed on the ballot provided the required signatures are submitted by the deadline. All nominations for the Director positions will be sorted into two pools, Director A and Director B, by the Committee to ensure balance on the ballot.

    IAIA Board members agree to attend all Board, AGM, and Council meetings (mid-term, and those associated with the Annual Conference); communicate electronically with fellow Board members between meetings; and be able to obtain their own finance to cover their travel and accommodation costs for these meetings (although it is possible to apply for modest/partial travel reimbursements from IAIA). Please see Information for Potential Candidates 2018 [PDF] for a complete overview of the election process and related commitments. If you have further questions or need clarification after reviewing the document, please contact the current chair of the Board Nominations Committee, Miles Scott-Brown (

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