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Member Snapshot: The who, where, what, why, and how

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    Member Snapshot: The who, where, what, why, and how

    A few months back, we asked current IAIA members to tell us more about themselves and what they value, as well as to share their thoughts on the state of impact assessment today and what may come.

    Nearly 500 members—the experts, practitioners, educators, researchers, and policy makers that make up IAIA—responded to the survey with lots of valuable insight and ideas. 

    As you’ll see, the answers have given us a snapshot of both our membership and the field—and we think you will find them as interesting as we have.

    See data on the geographic location, age, gender, length of membership, employment sector, professional specialties, and impact assessment roles of today’s IAIA members.

    Which IAIA resources are most valuable to members? How is IAIA unique? How are members using IAIA in their professional lives? PLUS: The many benefits of networking!

    With a combined 10,000 impact assessments in the past three years alone, IAIA members have vast knowledge to share. What types of IAs are most common? What skills do members wish they could improve? How much do various groups benefit from IA? What are the most important factors for IA to positively affect decision-making and project development? How often have members experienced certain topics being considered within an impact assessment?

    As the world grows and changes, so must impact assessment. IAIA members share their forecasts and ideas for the future of the field. What are the main challenges facing IA today? How is IA uniquely suited for the future? In light of global political and economic changes, how will IA change? What sectors are most promising for the future use of IA?  PLUS: Members share specific ideas for potential opportunities in the use of impact assessment.

    To the many members who took time to thoughtfully respond to this survey, we thank you for helping improve IAIA with your ideas and dedication to impact assessment!

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