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IAIA Professional Development Program

IAIA Professional Development Program

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The Foundations of Impact Assessment course provides individuals involved in environmental impact assessment (EIA) with knowledge of the basic tools needed to carry out EIA responsibilities. This training aligns with the knowledge expected of an IA Practitioner or IA Administrator per IAIA's Guideline Standards for IA Professionals. While the course doesn't make you an EIA expert, it empowers you to participate effectively in the multi-disciplinary aspects of EIA studies and learn and grow into an EIA leadership role. Divided into five units, each addressing several unique topics, the course employs a metaphorical "toolbox" framework. As you progress, recognize that each EIA situation is unique, requiring you to utilize specific "tools" at any point. The course guides you in understanding the tools in your EIA toolbox, their purpose, and when to deploy them.

Course Requirements:
1. The educational background for an "IA Professional" or "IA Administrator" as described in IAIA's Guideline Standards for IA Professionals, typically at least a bachelor’s degree in an EIA-related field such as environmental studies, geography, ecology, biology, sociology, public health, social anthropology, planning, engineering, or landscape architecture; and
2. At least one year of relevant experience undertaking and reporting on EIA studies, and/or in the administration of an EIA process; and 
3. Reading, writing and speaking proficiency of the English language; and 
4. Access to a desktop or laptop computer, an email address, and access to web-based video conferencing (e.g., Skype) and YouTube.

IAIA's PDP is open to both members and non-members. IAIA issues a Certificate of Course Completion for each completed course. If you require confirmation of previous course completion, or have any additional questions regarding the PDP, contact


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  • “The strength of the course is that it is provided by IAIA with accuracy and credibility of the contents.  As well, the additional reading materials, the IAIA guidelines for further study, the videos to share experience, and the examples in the lessons were great to improve my understanding.  I especially appreciated the professional trainer who reviewed and commented on my assignments.”

    Tanapon, Thailand


    “The content of the course was very good in that it covered the entirety of the EIA process from beginning to end.  In doing so, it gave students like myself a good overview of EIA and a more holistic understanding of how the different components fit together and relate to one another.”

    Grace, United Kingdom


    “I felt the course was very straightforward and gave a comprehensive overview of the EIA process. I think the main strength is that the course covers really every step of the EIA process.  In addition, for me especially, the video sequences were beneficial to gain a "practical insight" to the theory.”

    Miriam, Germany


    “The contents of the course are well structured, organized and clearly stated.  There is no difficulty in pursuing the course content.   It includes varieties of elements related to EIA process.  It also touches on related assessments such as SEA.”

    Ngwe, Myanmar


     “The strength of the course is the way in which the reading material is so simplified, written in simple English, clear and straightforward.  This made it easy to understand and follow the course especially for me as it was the first time to take such a course.”

    Dorcas, Zambia


    “The course provides a well-organized overview of EIA.  It clearly provides the steps of the evaluation process phase by phase.  Its strength lies in that it describes in detail the overall EIA process.”

    Berta, Spain


    “The course was wonderful, especially the way IAIA pulled together the wealth and complexity of environmental, social and management issues around EIA into a beginner’s course with appropriate level of detail without losing the depth.  The excellent course structure was clearly signposted and effectively guided me through the quizzes and assignments.  The participant/trainer conferences were in just the right places.”

    Aleksandra, United Kingdom

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