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COVID impacts on E&S field assessment work: Adapting to current conditions and planning for future

  • Presenter(s): Ana Maria Esteves, Anton van Elteren, Elizabeth Turk, Gabriel Todt de Azevedo, Seynabou Ba, Charles Kelly, Ariel Cuschnir, Debra Zanewich

    Recorded: 4 Feb 2021

    The impacts of COVID on the way we conduct environmental and social (E&S) work has been dramatic, and practitioners around the world had to adapt to the circumstances and rapidly learn how to overcome the obstacles they faced. Initially, the worldwide shutdown created important delays in project assessments. Gradually we developed tools and processes that allowed us to continue operating. However, strong limitations in the quality of information collected still persist, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interaction.

    In this 90-minute webinar, the presenters discussed lessons learned and share how they have adapted to current conditions, as well as shared the potential positive impacts on future E&S field work.

    This free 90-minute webinar was co-sponsored by the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) and IAIA’s Washington Area Branch (WAB).

    Panelists include:

    • Ana Maria Esteves; Director of Community Insights Group, a social impact management consultancy
    • Anton van Elteren; Sr Environmental and Social Officer at FMO, the Netherlands Development Finance Company
    • Elizabeth Turk; Chartered environmental and social advisor at Advisian
    • Gabriel Todt de Azevedo; Chief, ESG Division, IDB Invest, Inter-American Development Bank
    • Seynabou Ba; Founder and CEO of ESG Africa Ltd (formerly E&S Manager for Africa at IFC)
    • Charles Kelly; Lead Manager: IAIA Covid Surveys; Disaster Risk Management consultant
    • Ariel Cuschnir; Executive Advisor, ESG, Sustainability and Resilience, GHD; President - AMDA Consultants; Co-chair Washington Area Branch, IAIA
    • Debra Zanewich; Co-chair Washington Area Branch, IAIA

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